What to expect when facing water damage

water damageWhen faced with water damage, the costs of restoring your house to make it habitable again can affect you physically, emotionally and financial but is always crucial that you have the right people to protect your belonging from further damage and to minimize your health risks. water damage maintenance was as easy as discarding unwanted water and cleaning-up the surface but it was discovered that this always results in further health hazards and further damage to you home. You must always be certain that you have the skills and physical strength to do the water damage restoration.

The first thing to do when you have a water damage crisis, is to call your insurance agents and inform them about your damage so that they can quickly help you with filling the claim form and determine how much they will cover for your damage. We have the best contactors when it comes to water damage restoration in Los Angeles, Duarte. They also will advise you about who to contact for clean-ups and repairs. Basically, the Homeowner’s Insurance covers losses caused by wind, storm or broken pipe but exclude the surface so you should be financially prepared to pay for some on the maintenance to be done.

All the contents affected by water should be handled with care. Leaving them in flooding water may cause further damage to them and if left damp, mold, mildew or fungus may start growing as dampness is favorable for their development and growth. Drying out should be done promptly to reduce humidity in the affected area. Simply opening your doors, windows, cabinet doors and closest can promote good ventilation and prevent humidity from building up. If left closes, drawer, cabinet doors and closets may start to swell up as they absorb water. You can also use a fan to blow out the air (not recommended if the damage is a result of septic water).  Desiccants can also be used to speed up the drying process. All Salvageable contents must be moved to a dry place immediately and all the affected furniture should not be dried out on the sun as it may warp when dried. 

Cleaning up walls, shelves, closets and every affected area should be done as soon as the drying out process is completed. It may also be recommended that you completely relocate from your house or office space as complete dry out can take more than 5 days. For effective cleaning, two buckets system is recommended. One bucket for the cleaner and the other for rinsing off. You can use scented bleach to clean your appliance and other affected area as it will disinfect at the same time produce scent for your area. Before cleaning your electronic appliance, you must always make sure that they are not connected to the electricity source. Upholster furniture and carpet should be cleaned only by professional as it can cause health risk. If there were any food that came into contact with flooding water should be discarded immediately as it may cause serious health risk if ingested.

We all know that mold grows and spread in damp and dark places, mold testing should be done to detect any mold development. If detected, it should be eradicated and preventative measures should be taken to avoid development in the future. This include full house inspection to determine the job scope; evaluate flooring materials; evaluate the Heating, ventilation and air conditioning(HVAC) system if affected;Assess other structural materials (walls, ceilings, etc.) and the general condition of the property.

Once it have been determined that the house is now completely dry and is mold free, the rebuilding and flood proofing process starts. This can be easy as replacing carpet or extreme as rebuilding most parts of the house all together. Here are some reason why should flood proof your house:
It is cheaper than restoring as it does not require you to be relocated.
It increases your property’s resale value
It can minimize your insurance premium
By preparing for the next flood, you regain control over you future
A house inspector will determine whether your house needs to be relocated; elevated; need floodwalls, berms and levees; Dry flood proofing or wet flood proofing.

Give your house plenty of time to dry before you rebuild. Before you make repairs to you house make sure your plans are reviewed and they are Okayed by your department. You may also require permission from your homeowner’s association or mortgage holder before you commence with rebuilding. When rebuilding, you must consider moving the fuse box to a higher level to protect in from flooding; if you are going to replace a flooded furnace, water heater or air conditioner, install the new one on a higher floor. If your new air condition or heat pump will be outside, install it on a platform above the protection level. If you are going to replace the wall, consider using metal studs and sills as they are better than wooden ones. Repainting must be done after the surface is completely dry.

Remember: always hire a contractor who is licensed and never sign off before the job is finished. Even if you have flood proofed your home, you still need insurance to protect you from the unexpected events of water damage, you should purchase a separate policy from Homeowner’s insurance. Your home should be covered under National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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