Mold Testing – why is it important for your safety?

mold testingThough, there are a number of testing kits you can use at home to detect the presence of mold but nothing can be more effective than getting the services of a professional  , who will not only look out for symptoms of molds, such as smell, but will be able to identify which species of mold are present. He will also use his advance testing kits to test the quality of air indoor, in order to evaluate the amount of mold spores in the air and from such test results he can tell you whether the air is safe or needs special treatment.  The black mold commonly found in affected home areas can cause a wide range of health problems, and can be very tough to remove, especially when treatment of the mold is delayed. Mold tastings must be handled professionally when testing difficult areas such as Asbestos, Lead materials, and it is very important in testing the quality of water, when there are moisture problems. Getting a professional to conduct mold tests means, he can collect and analyze mold samples in order to obtain the most accurate results. Multiple mold tests become necessary to obtain an estimate of the total amount of mold particles within an area of your home or business premise at different times and different locations. You need to know that the presence or levels of mold fluctuate from time to time but with different testing at different times of the day, you will get the complete idea of how much contamination has occurred due to the presence of mold.

There are basically three types of mold tests that can be conducted in your home, these are; Air mold tests, Surface mold tests, and Bulk tests. Water Damage Restoration Valencia and Encino specialist will normally deploy all three types of tests, since each has its own advantages and limitations. Air testing for mold is very important as it can help you determine whether molds are responsible for some of your allergic diseases. In this case, the air sampling method will test the concentration of mold spores within the air, inside your home; the specialist will take the samples directly from the air and analyze them under microscope. The levels of mold spores in the air can change drastically with time, thus giving varying results, but the average of all results can be obtained to arrive at a clear estimate. Surface testing for mold infestation involves the collection of samples from the surfaces of home appliances, such as furniture, and clothing, to detect the amount of mold growth and mold spores that have been deposited .surface mold samples are collected by swabbing methods, or tape lifting, while the collected samples are then examined under microscope in the laboratory. Just like air testing results, surface testing of mold will have varying results, because mold spores are not spread evenly on different surfaces, but unlike air testing, surface mold testing will provide the exact mold spore concentrations indoors.

Bulk testing for mold actually involves the collection of several materials from home, and these materials are taken to the laboratory where they are examined for mold growth. Bulk tests will definitely tell you if you have mold problems and also provide an idea of mold spore concentrations in and around your home. Bulk testing can be the best suitable mold testing for outdoor areas. The question here is, why should you conduct a mold test in your home or business premises? Mold test becomes necessary when you notice mold smells, or other symptoms of mold growth. The test is also important in order to identify the species of mold around you in order to personalize the treatment of your home. Mold test will help you detect where the mold growth are specifically located in your home, to detect triggers of air borne allergies in your home, and to test whether the specialist has remove mold infestation totally from your home.

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